Villa Zaragoza - AMENITIES

The luxurious homes by New Apec Homes boast outstanding facilities and amenities, which will provide the best experience to the residents. Each of the house models is beautifully designed and installed with explicit facilities to meet the needs and the specific preferences of the occupants.


  • Jogging and bicycle pathways- The little ones can treat themselves to a couple of rides each day whereas the adults can live an active lifestyle by jogging on the paths
  • Modern playground for children with all the equipment- Children will have a great time playing and interacting with each other in the spacious playground. Each of them can engage in a gaming activity they enjoy.
  • Paths lined with trees
  • Well-manicured lawns
  • Basketball court
  • Well-landscaped gardens  where one can meditate or simply enjoy the nature
  • Large swimming pools and recliner sofa beds all around the pool area for maximum comfort
  • Club house where the residents can enjoy drinks and socialize with each other
  • Fitness center comprising of gym and other related equipment
  • Tennis courts
  • Garages for the townhouse, duplex with garage, and single attached houses



  • Strong and constant Wi-Fi connection both in the rooms and outdoors
  • Natural-green parks
  • Gated community; a serene home away from the city
  • 24-hour security monitoring provided both by manpower and advanced home security systems including CCTV cameras
  • Adequate water supply
  • Package receiving service
  • Lounge area installed with TV

Other features include;

  • A robust perimeter fence reinforced with sound alarm system to provide optimum security
  • Storage tanks for water
  • Deep water well for providing supplementary water in case of a shortage
  • Wide main entrance and small roads allowing access to each housing unit
  • Wireless landline services

Villa Zaragoza is a real masterpiece with lots to offer to a resident who is looking forward to living their life to the fullest. It has been designed for people of all kinds. For example, for outdoor activities, the residents can engage in various forms of sports or entertainment including swimming in the expansive outdoor pools, play basketball or tennis, or simply have a quiet time in the garden. Hence, it does not matter the type of personality one has, they will find something interesting to do outdoors. Children can also play in the playground.

In addition, there are amenities to ensure the optimum comfort of the residents. For instance, there are storage tanks for storing water and water well for providing water when a shortage occurs.  The residents are also protected 24/7 by the security guards and the surveillance systems. Besides, the residents are treated with privacy and minimal disruptions since the site is a gated community. Each of the units such as in duplexes and single attached homes has back and front yards. In most of the house models, a garage has also been provided, which is large enough to host a number of cars.  Lastly, the residents are treated to a Wi-Fi connection for entertainment and business purposes.

  • Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Clubhouse
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Centralized Water Supply
  • Concrete Roads, curbs and Gutters
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Meralco Electrical System
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